Polka Dots and Old Friends

There’s nothing like being a blogger who wants to take pictures of her outfit for posts such as this but feels super awkward asking her non-blogger friends to take them, amiright?

Thursday night I went out to eat with some high school friends and it was LOVELY, I mean, truly truly lovely; I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a get-together as much as that one in a long time – we already planned for another one!

Anyway, two of the friends got there early with me because we were all at the gym right before (LOL) and just followed each other down. My good friends Kyoko knew I wanted to take some pictures ’cause I asked her if she’d take a few but I felt so crazy telling the other one who was there early what I was doing, ha! BUT, the good news was that she mentioned that she was wanting to start a blog and loves fashion blogs so I didn’t feel near as crazy then!

white summer shorts - momma got fit fashion


Top – TJ Maxx // Shorts – Old Navy // Shoes -TJ Maxx

My favorite weight-loss tools!

I’m totally late to the game today/tonight for the Friday Favorite stuffs BUT I didn’t want to miss out because I want to share my favorite weight-loss tools!

If you’re new around here, I just recently lost 60 pounds and am currently on a fitness and healthy living journey (you can read more about my story here), so I have a few things that I can pass along that helped me in my journey.

I’m going to link up with Heather @ Housewife Glamour today!



  1. CALORIE COUNTING APP. Now, let’s get this straight…at this point in my journey I KNOW that it’s more about the food you’re eating than the actual calories you’re consuming BUT when I was starting out, counting calories was what worked the best and I couldn’t have done that without an app like myFitnessPal.com. I definitely recommend that and to NOT LIE about what you’re eating, record everything that you’re eating, drinking and doing (workouts).
  2. INSTAGRAM. Ok, for me, this one was MAJOR inspiration. If I was feeling down about myself or feeling like I wasn’t progressing quick enough, I’d search the hashtags #transformation #beforeafter #weightloss #girlswithmuscle #fitspo , etc and I’d instantly feel better because the feed would be full of people who had done what I was hoping to do! Now, that’s being said, this may not serve as motivation for everybody – if it makes you feel BAD about your body or your progress, then totally ignore this tool!
  3. NEW WORKOUT CLOTHES. Even if it’s new gym shoes, new tank tops, bottoms, etc – if you FEEL GOOD while you’re working out you’re going to push harder!
  4. HEART RATE MONITOR. I used a Polar when I was first starting out but it died rather quickly and I upgraded to a Garmin Vivofit very recently which I LOVE, but, anyway, it’s always nice to know the EXACT amount of calories you’ve burned during a workout. Tracking apps (refer to #1) are great at an estimate and the same goes for the ‘calories burned’ reading on cardio machines, they’re just an estimate but wearing a heart rate monitor actually tells your FOR SURE what you burned so you can know that you’ve eaten the right amount to nourish your body, etc.
    garmin vivofit
  5. MOTIVATION. Everybody is going to get this from a different source but it’s the #1 key to losing weight. You need the motivation to eat right, to exercise; if you don’t have the motivation the other things won’t come. Find YOUR best source of motivation! Plan a trip (we were going to Hawaii!), look at magazines, schedule a photoshoot…anything!

Hope that helps!

What are your favorite tools for weight loss?

This weeks workouts

So, it’s Thursday, huh? How did that happen? I feel like it was just Sunday…geez.

First, I’m going to forewarn you, the blog WILL be changing names AGAIN soon. Seriously…I have a problem. But, here’s the thing, I just received my books and packet stuffs for my Personal Training Certification AND my Nutrition and Wellness Consultant Cert and I am SO SUPER excited about it! Well, I want to be able to blog about fitness, fashion and whatever AND work on the same site. For years I’ve struggled trying to keep a business site and a personal blog and it’s not my cup of tea, I suck at it so I want to be able to do both so I found the PERFECT business/blog name and the URL was available so I jumped on it…stay tuned for that change soon!

Anyway, this week has been pretty good on the workout front, which totally makes up for the less-than-stellar week last week.

Monday I did this Tabata workout twice through.

tabata full body


Tuesday was a gym day where I did NO cardio and lots of chest, legs and abs strength work. Here’s a little video I shared on Instagram of some of my favorite body weight exercises for these areas.

Wednesday…Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday. Childcare at the gym was cancelled last minute and since I HAD to go out to go to the bank I decided to load up the baby’s car toy thing and take the kids to the local High School so I could run laps on the track, run the stadium and do some body-weight stuffs. My biggest turd video’d me doing one of the exercises, haha, enjoy that piece of gold there.

Today I’m going to dinner with a few friends that I don’t see very often and I’m super excited! This morning though I’m going to take the kids outside while I do some yoga from YouTube and then tonight before dinner I’m going to hit the gym for some upper body strength training. #doubleday

What have y’all been doing this week? Do you have a go-to workout for when you’re short on time?

Self-love Tuesday

So, welcome to a new little feature here on the blog that I’m going to be calling Self-Love Tuesday – no cool alliterating titles here, nope.

Anyway, the point of this whole thing is to learn to love ourselves, our bodies and who we are! I have days, probably just like most you do, where I am REALLY down on myself; days where I still feel “fat” even after losing the weight; days when I think things like “gross, look at my stretch marks”, ” I hate my hair” or “I wish I was tan like everybody else”.

I would have never put myself in the “bad self-image” category until my adult years. When I was younger I didn’t really care what others thought of me and at least 90% of the time, I liked what I saw in the mirror but as I got older and gained weight that kind of went out the door and I was constantly picking out my own flaws and the way that God made me.

Most of you probably have realized by now that I’m a redhead (well, it’s auburn) and I have super pale skin, right? This is something that has bothered me my whole life, I have always wished I could tan like everybody else but, here’s the thing, I can’t, not only can I not tan but I don’t need to tan, or burn, for that matter. I am very susceptible to melanoma, I have yearly checks where more times than not I have pre-cancerous spots removed and sometimes have to have even more tissue/skin removed which results in lots of ugly scars.

pale skin beauty fashion

Dress – Old navy / Shoes – Lauren Conrad @ Kohls

Since the beginning of May I’ve been getting weekly spray tans and, I’ll be completely honest, it REALLY helped my self-confidence. I felt like I could wear things I couldn’t wear before and feel comfortable, I felt like when people looked at me they weren’t thinking “Oh my gosh, she needs some sun” (which, by-the-way, don’t ever say that to a fair-skinned person, it’s rude and odds are they DO get sun but they can’t help the fact that their skin doesn’t brown like yours does), etc. But, here’s the thing, I still didn’t feel great about the way I looked. When I looked at pictures I could tell that it was obvious I had a spray tan on my face, I could see the splotchiness on my legs within just 48 hours of getting it done and my wrists and ankles were constantly brassy, PLUS, it is REALLY hard to maintain! I was not-only going once per week to get it done but having to come home and not do anything strenuous or productive for fear of getting wet or wiping it off, then each day in between sprays I had to be sure to only shower once per day (for someone who usually works on in the mornings, this is a hard one but too many showers really faded my tan), moisturize really really good MULTIPLE times per day, not exfoliate, not wear certain things when I worked out because they would get stained, etc. It was exhausting.

So, this past week I decided to give it up and I’m on a new mission to embrace my fair skin, to make fair skin look pretty and to feel confident in the skin (literally) God gave me, because there’s a reason I am not a tan person, ya know? It’s part of my story to be light skinned and maybe it’s part of my story to show other girls who are struggling (because, trust me, it’s a struggle from a very early age for girls) how to dress their bodies for fair skin, embrace their unconventional beauty and to love themselves.

While I was struggling with the decision to give up on the spray tan I was purposefully noticing beautiful fair-skinned ladies and I realized that there’s a lot more of ‘us’ than I originally thought. Then, by happenstance, I ran up on Knocked Up Fabulous‘ blog and she is REALLY rocking the fair-skin-red-hair thing and I felt so inspired and took it as a sign that I needed to give it up and embrace myself because if she could look so beautiful with the same assets that I have, why couldn’t I, right?

So, yeah, here I am spilling it all out and telling you that it’s something I am NOT comfortable with but I am going to learn to embrace this part of myself and LOVE it.

_DSC0731 _DSC0728 fair skinned beauty fashion

I’m also going to link this up tomorrow with The Pleated Poppy‘s “What I wore Wednesday”.

MIMM : Blogger Fail

So for today’s Marvelous in my Monday I’m gonna tell you how I failed as a blogger this weekend.

We had our High School reunion (10 years) on Saturday and I took ZERO pictures, zero. The only picture I got was one that someone else sent to me, so yeah. Fail.

I don’t know why either, I had my camera with me but I didn’t bring it into the restaurant because it was poring the rain and I didn’t’ want it to get wet but I had my phone, so I had no excuses and it still didn’t happen, lol.

Anyway, it was fun, just sort of what I expected from a reunion; a lot of “what are you doing now”‘s and talking about marriage and babies (or the lack thereof)! It really was fun seeing everybody though, even though it definitely was ‘everybody’. We graduated with about 185 people and maybe 30 people came, maybe 40, I’m not totally sure but there were definitely others I wish would have attended so I could catch up with them!

Here’s the ONE picture I got from my friend Tricia – these were my main amigos in school and we’re all mommies now so it’s always fun when we get together!

I really wish I would have gotten a picture of my entire outfit, it really was cute even though you can’t really tell what’s going on in this picture, haha!


I do sort of wish I’d warn a dress that I had originally picked out but it’s all good, I wore it to Church on Sunday (and you get pics of it in tomorrow’s post).

So that was Saturday and then on Sunday we just sort of went to Church and then went on a hike around our farm, nothing major.

As far as workouts go – I went to the gym on Friday night and got in a really good cardio and upper body workout and it felt really good because I had been slacking all week because I didn’t feel the best. Then, Saturday I didn’t do anything, I just didn’t have the time but Sunday I squeezed in a run before Church and then we’ll count the hike in there too!

I can’t wait to get back to ‘normal’ this week and get in lots of good workout since last week was pretty lackluster! I am planning to do some type of HIIT workout today and then gym it up Tuesday – Thursday!

Have you ever been to a High School Reunion? How was it?

Hawaii Recap #4

Happy Friday y’all! What do you have on the agenda today? I’m heading to the gym later and then to get my weekly spray tan because tomorrow is our 10-year High School reunion. I’m pretty excited to see some of the people I graduated with but haven’t seen in years, so I’ll definitely keep you posted on how that goes.

If you’ve missed the previous Hawaii recaps, they can be found here, here and here.

Ok, so we’re on to the first Sunday that we were in Hawaii. This day we went to Hanauma Bay, it’s a snorkeling-focused beach on Oahu and we saw a ton of fish while we were there! THis was my first time snorkeling and it’s a little odd to get used to, like being able to breath under water, but after a few minutes I was good!

hanauma bay hawaii 20140622_hawaii_493 20140622_hawaii_496 20140622_hawaii_503 20140622_hawaii_506 20140622_hawaii_529 20140622_hawaii_531 20140622_hawaii_534 20140623_hawaii_915

Let’s just take this moment to notice how NOT flat my stomach (this was exaggerated, I dont normally look pregnant, I normally look very soft in my middle-section, I must have been standing a little funny) is and to take note of my stretch marks – I’m all about being real!





snorkeling hanauma bay hawaii

The crappy part about this day was that about 20 yards from us they rescued a woman from the water and did CPR on her for a good 45 minutes before the ambulance got there. I couldn’t see her well but she was blue and unresponsive (that was reported to us from another couple on the beach that were doctors after they went to see if they could help) but when they took her off in the ambulance she had regained color, had an IV hooked to her and she had a pulse; she wasn’t able to breath on her own but they were creating breath with the bag. My brother-in-law actually went over to pray with the family (she was there with her Mom, HER KIDS (<—–so sad) and some other family members) and he reported back that she was alive. We made sure to follow the story on the news for the next few night and, unfortunately, she died that night. My prayers are definitely with her family, I can’t imagine that being something that happens EVER but especially while on vacation in Hawaii!

For those who might be wondering, she was snorkeling out past the markers that we weren’t supposed to go past AND she had tied diving weights to herself (we assume to make herself be able to sink a bit, not totally sure there); just very very sad.

Right down/up the road from Hanauma Bay there was actually a hike we planned to do with a lighthouse at the top but we were all so drained from spending 5 million hours in the hot sun that nobody wanted to go and my kids were O.U.T before we even got there so we just got out at the lookout to see a few things.  It was all completely covered in volcanic rock, too neat.

20140622_hawaii_578 20140622_hawaii_572 20140622_hawaii_569 20140622_hawaii_558 20140622_hawaii_553

What I wore in Hawaii

I have had several people comment on some of the photos I’ve posted on Instagram and Facebook and on here asking where I got certain outfits, etc SO, today I thought I’d do a What I Wore in Hawaii post and link up with The Pleated Poppy’s What I Wore Wednesday link-up…cool with you? K. Good.

So, I’m a nerd and actually RESEARCHED what to wear when traveling on an airplane. Seriously. Here’s the thing though – I had never flown commercially before this little venture and I wanted to be comfortable BUT I also wanted to be fashionable! Fashion is something I’ve really been enjoying for really the first time in my life here lately. I think it’s because I am comfortable in my own skin and when I was this size before I was in high school and I was a total sweatshirt and jeans girl in those days so this is new territory for me and I’m really enjoying it. So, anyway, yeah, this is the outfit I chose to wear to travel (I wore a variation of this both going and returning).

what I wore on airplane

T-Shirt – Old Navy (similar) / Vest – H&M / Leggings – Target / Sandals – TJ Maxx

Let me just tell ya, that T-Shirt (which I’m not sure if the one I linked is the same, this one is really long – is amazing, I actually ended up buying a gray one (which I wore home) while we were in Hawaii! Oh, and the scarf is from Walmart!

Hawaii fashion

Dress – TJ Maxx (vest and scarf linked above)

I LERVE (ya know, like Love but BETTER) this dress! This look was inspired by this pin, I wish I could have gotten a better picture.


Top – US Polo (found at the NEX in Honolulu) – similar / Bottoms – Walmart! (similar)


Dress – TJ Maxx


This is the one I’m getting asked about the most and I do LOVE this suit! Both the top and the bottoms are from Victorias Secret. Top & Bottom (bottom is in coral blaze).



The lady I found to do my Spray Tan while in Hawaii was awesome! (not like the first one I got, but that’s a story for a different post) BUT I had her do two quick sprays over my face and it looked pretty crazy the first few days so I’ll apologize in advance for my spray tan face in the above photo, lol. Also, did you know that guards follow you around in Tiffany & Co, Chanel, Prada, etc? Well, at least they do at the Ala Moana Mall in Honolulu.

Anyway, TANK – Old Navy, Shorts & Sandals – TJ Maxx (noticing a trend here?) In case you’re not aware, these tanks from Old Navy are THE BEST ever, I never wear any other brand…love them.

And just like that, this segment of What I Wore in Hawaii is over, I hope you had fun and please remain seated until ride is completely stopped.


Do you have a favorite store you shop at? What about a favorite tank top brand?

Tips for traveling with small kids

So, since I have travelled ONE time with my kids I pretty well feel like I’m an expert now.

Not really, but I do know what I think I did right and what I failed miserably at, so I thought i’d pass along some tips!

travel and flight tips with small kids

On our way from NC to Hawaii, we ended up having about 24 hours worth of travel from the time we woke up to the time we actually arrived at my sister-in-law’s house, it was nuts. I mentioned in one of my recaps that we were supposed to have a 2-hour layover in DFW but we ended up having a SEVEN hour layover – it was ridiculous, thanks American Airlines, really. So, between that trip, the trip back and then running around while we were there, I definitely made some mental notes!

  1. Do not assume that the in-flight TVs will work. I legitimately forgot to download some things onto the iPad for our flight and since we had a pretty short flight first (2.5 hours) I just figured, “Oh well, I’ll download some things when we get to Texas and have time”. Well, on our first flight we had those amazing tv screens on the front of our seats with lots of movies and shows to choose from, they were amazing, so, when we landed in Dallas and we found out we were delayed I didn’t focus on downloading anything onto the iPad because I just assumed we’d have the same accommodations on the long flight since it was a bigger plane, same airline, etc. Well…I was wrong, we didn’t have tv screens in our seats on either of our larger/longer flights and they did not play kid-appropriate movies, at.all. Then on the short flight on the way home the screens in the seats were there but they didn’t work…so yeah. Luckily it wasn’t a major deal but it would have been better to have had some type of shows downloaded for the almost-4-year-old’s viewing pleasure.
  2. Don’t bring an unfamiliar baby carrier. So, before we left we decided to borrow a hiking backpack carrier and bring it in the airport instead of the our normal Ergo carrier because we planned to hike a lot and we thought the baby would get too hot in the Ergo. My husband wore the “new” carrier for about 15 minutes before he was miserable because it wasn’t as comfortable. Also, since the baby had a fever (he was teething, or so I think anyway) he slept A LOT more than his “normal” so it would have been amazingly wonderful to have had my Ergo because he can sleep in it, he couldn’t sleep in the hiking carrier
  3. Forget the toys…BRING ALL THE FOOD. 
    1. We really didn’t pack that many toys, just a small backpack that the oldest carried but we didn’t need them, they wanted nothing to do with them. But, something I did RIGHT was bringing lots and lots of food. Let me tell ya, if you’re under the impression that you can’t bring food on the airplane unless you’ve purchased it in the airport, that’s totally a misconception. Here’s a list of the things I packed for me, the husband and the kids and it lasted us just fine and we had a little extra when we landed: baby food squeeze pouches of applesauce and the fruit/veggie mixes (I got the smaller ones under 3.4 oz), empty sippy cups to fill with water or juice or whatever, LOTS of bananas, a bowl full of washed and de-stemmed grapes, Nature’s Valley Oats & Honey bars, Fritos Corn Chips (my husband loves these), baby puffs & yogurt drops, fruit snacks, teddy grahams, etc. I think I brought more than that but I can’t remember, I should have taken pictures – either way though, it was lovely, everybody was very thankful I had brought all of that and it really kept the kids’ attention.
    2. Pillows.
  4. Just because you CAN bring two carry-on’s (one carry-on and one personal item) doesn’t mean you should. I tried to pack as much as possible into our carry-ons so that I only had to check one bag (since we were being charged for our bags) which meant that the oldest had to roll his carry-on and carry a small backpack, I had my purse and a rolling carry-on and my husband had the baby carrier and his rolling carry-on (and on the way back he actually had a backpack as well). We ALSO decided it was a good idea to gate-check our carseats which was a disaster, we just didn’t have enough hands so on the way home we checked those puppies and just said prayers they didn’t get lost (and they didn’t). If you’re not traveling with small kids bringing the max-amount of carry ons may not be a problem but with small kids it totally was. Refer to #2 – the baby was asleep most of the time and had to be carried since we didn’t have anything to put him in hands-free so that meant that I was useless for carrying my luggage. And, although Casen did AMAZING with rolling his carry-on, it was not super convenient especially when he fell asleep at some point during our layover and we were carrying him, the sleeping baby AND all of that luggage. So yeah, if I do it again – Casen will have a larger backpack that he can just wear (nothing to pull) and my husband and I each would only have backpacks, that way our hands would be free for the kids and not having to drag luggage.
  5. Bring medicine. This was actually something I didn’t know I could bring until about a week before we left but I definitely packed some infant tylenol and, since the baby had a fever, we DEFINITELY used it. Now, I had several (like, seriously, at least 5) people tell me to bring Benadryl so I could knock the kids out…no…I didn’t do that and would have never done that. I am not a fan of medicine in general so I’m not sure why anyone would purposefully give their kids all those unneeded things just to get them to sleep on the plane…nope, but bring something just in case of a fever.

Ok, I think that’s pretty well everything I was thinking I needed to spread the word on that helped us or we failed miserably at.

I hope that helps!

Question: What are your favorite travel tips for small kids?

Tuesday Crazies

I interrupt our regularly scheduled Hawaii recap post to A. Give you a break from those posts and B. Tell you about the crazies going on right now.

Before I get started though, I wanted to let y’all know, I reduced the pricing of my blog and website design packages today (temporarily) on my business site. These prices won’t stay long AND I’m offering 30% off of THOSE prices for the first two people to book a spot on the waiting list (I still have spots available to start in July) if you pay 100% up front.

Ok, now onto the crazies.

While we were in Hawaii both of my boys had fevers at separate times. I really think that the baby was teething for his fever because it lasted no more than 14 hours and he had a molar popping through (and that’s pretty normal for him). Unfortunately this happened at the very end of our first flight into Texas (where we then spent SEVEN unintentional hours laid over waiting for our long flight to Hawaii) so it was a crappy time but really was no big deal – I had packed Tylenol! Now, about a week after we got there my oldest started running a fever and having a major allergy attack. I actually ended up taking him to the doctor while we were there (there’s nothing like being in a strange place a million miles from home and needing to take a kid to the doctor) and they basically said it was bad allergies (they have a lot of different foliage, obviously, AND they have VOG (volcanic ash) and it was wrecking havoc on my little guy. Anyway, he had so much snot and stuff going on that he wouldn’t eat and just turned into a major terror but the first day we got home he was 100% back to his normal sweet self…so yeah, bad time to get sick I guess.

On another crazy note, my mother-in-law stayed in Hawaii for an additional 2 weeks after we left so that she could spend more time with my sister-in-law and niece and nephew (she’s a teacher so she has her summers off), well, we got a call a few days ago saying that she was extremely sick to her stomach and had a fever and they were taking her to the hospital. Again, not a time you want to go to the hospital, when you’re somewhere totally unfamiliar, ya know? Anyway, thankfully they were able to find out what was causing her discomfort and she actually ended up having an infection in her stomach lining (or something like that) cause by foreign bacteria in her stomach (she ate a salad from a food truck the day before – they’re guessing that’s what caused it). Thank goodness she’s at “home” resting and is feeling a bit better, I think.

It just blows my mind that all of that happened, ya know? I NEVER have to take my son to the doctor for being sick (he’s 4 and that’s only the 2nd time) so what are the odds that I have to in what is basically a foreign country. Side note: If y’all have never been to Hawaii or never been to a LOCAL part of Hawaii (it may appear different in a resort setting), Hawaii is not distinctly American; there are several things that set it apart as basically a country of it’s own that American claims, lol.

Oh, dude, let’s just talk for a minute about how sore I am today! I worked out consistently while I was in Hawaii but it wasn’t on my normal schedule; sometimes I was going 3 days between actual workouts, this day I’d go to the gym and lift but not get to use a squat rack or the leg press machine (’cause it was NUTS in there), the next day I’d take a short run, the next day I’d hike, then a million days later I’d go back to the gym – so, basically I lifted each body part a total of maybe twice while I was there then I came home and took 4 days off from working out completely. I went to the gym yesterday and decided to do weights-only and do a full-body workout and, honestly, during the workout I was thinking “I’m focusing more on upper body, I’ll probably do legs on Tuesday when I come back” but man-oh-man I must have worked my legs more than I thought because I am SORE! My upper body feels ok, not sore at all so I’m going to rearrange and do some upper body stuffs tomorrow because I don’t need to stress my legs any more than they already are (plus I ran 2 miles tonight).

Anyway, be back tomorrow for some WIAW action!

Hawaii Recap #3 ::MIMM::

First, I changed up my blog/online identity again – I actually bought this domain a year or more ago but was nervous to actually brand myself as “momma got fit” until I actually felt that the title FIT me, like, when I actually felt like I was fit enough to call myself “fit”…clear as mud? K. Either way, welcome to the NEW improved online ME :) Oh and ignore the Farm Fresh + Fit watermark on all the photos, I edited them prior to the switch. Thanks! Oh, if you want to add me to your reader the direct URL is www.mommagotfit.com .

I’m linking up with Healthy Diva Eats for MIMM today.

This section of the trip was definitely a highlight for me.

On Saturday we went to the Paradise Cove luau and it did NOT disappoint! Seriously, it was very authentic, right on the beach, really just amazing.

This one is photo…heavy…sorry in advance but it’s too good not to share! The food alone was heavenly, honestly. I am from North Carolina, the Barbecue haven BUT NC has NOTHING on the BBQ served at this luau, YUM! I really want to go back JUST to have some more, ha! I tried to find more like it and couldn’t, all other bbq can’t compare.

20140621_hawaii_230 20140621_hawaii_263 20140621_hawaii_252 20140621_hawaii_237 20140621_hawaii_274 20140621_hawaii_288 20140621_hawaii_310 20140621_hawaii_318 20140621_hawaii_315 20140621_hawaii_321 20140621_hawaii_323 20140621_hawaii_327 20140621_hawaii_335 20140621_hawaii_340 20140621_hawaii_349 20140621_hawaii_363 20140621_hawaii_381 20140621_hawaii_377
THe pig, it was super authentic and they actually dug the pic out of the pit that it was cooked in as part of the show…neat! 20140621_hawaii_385
I don’t normally like pasta salad, this.was.yummy. I’m telling you what, these luau people knew their food! 20140621_hawaii_386 20140622_hawaii_395 20140621_hawaii_390 20140622_hawaii_405 20140622_hawaii_415 20140622_hawaii_401
There, right there, that’s the awesome BBQ! We also had chicken, fish, rice & corn. I don’t like fish but the chicken and corn were wonderful as well. 20140622_hawaii_423 20140622_hawaii_424 20140622_hawaii_458

Me, Casen (my oldest) and my niece got to take hula dancing lessons. 20140622_hawaii_474
Um, yeah, this dude danced vigorously with fire, it was awesome. 20140622_hawaii_857

The whole crew! 20140622_hawaii_486